About Anastasia Bio-care

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ANASTASIA BIO CARE is an organic product range of face and body care produced by MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN.

The company is a pioneer, offering, for the first time in the market, certified organic face and body care products, based on the “MELAS” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil culture and the beneficial ingredients of organic extra virgin olive oil for the skin and body, are the basis of our research and lead our steps to expand the excellent assortment of «ANASTASIA BIO CARE» natural organic cosmetic products for face and body care.

For a different way of life based on the gifts generously offered by nature, free from any harmful ingredients for human health and well-being

The vision of MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN  is the establishment of ANASTASIA BIO CARE natural organic cosmetics, in the international market, as well as a sustainable development with respect for the environment and the needs of modern man.

Our Story

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• In the year 1999, Anastasia Farakou, wife of the owner and president of  MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN  Evangelos Melas, came as a bride in Lygourio, Argolida.

• Working, since 1994, with her husband for the verticalization of the family business of production and standardization of extra virgin olive oil for its transformation in 2008 into a modern unit, in new privately owned buildings, in an organic olive grove of 30 acres, she thoroughlly studied the area and its people.

• The activity of the area, inextricably linked to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus and the Sanctuary of Asclepius, fed with a wealth of knowledge the restless spirit of Anastasia.
• Since ancient timesö the cultivation of olives and the supply of olive oil as a basic therapeutic tool were the main income of the people, as it is written on the commemorative plaque located in the Museum of theTheatre, reading:


(After I did use the oil, I was cured from my headache …, translated into modern Greek by P. Kavvadias).

• The reason for the construction of the magnificent Sanctuary of Asclepius was healing the people, while Asclepiades had the status of priest and physician providing medical and psychosomatic treatment in a wonderful natural environment, healthy climate, entertainment and worship. The sanctuary, the sanatorium, the means of treatment, the sacrifice, the entertainment answered the questions of Anastasia, who studied the cultivation of olıves and the influence of this sacred tree, for centuries, on human culture.

• The tradition of Anastasia’s grandmother coming from Asia Minor (Anastasia of Fokion and Maria Ioakeim) with recipes such as: … take two tablespoons of oil, a spoonful of fresh lemon juice, drip a little honey…spread on the face with gentle movements…hidden in the grandmother’s chest and the taste of a noblewoman, contributed decisively to the decision to produce cosmetics.

• The raw materials for the production of organic cosmetics were sought in the fields of biologically cultıvated natural products.The olive oil which is extracted with special care in the privately owned olive mill of Melas family, was obtained from one of its organic olive groves N.E. of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. 

The complete line of organic cosmetics ANASTASIA BIO CARE based on the
organic extra virgin olive oil MELAS
offers a light feeling, wellness and confidence due
to the certified valuable ingredients it contains, while the company is continuing to expand
with new innovative face and body care products.

ICEA Certification

Τhe products are certified by the Italian Institute ICEA according to the Ecocert standard and presented, for the first time in the international market, at the International Exhibition of Organic Cosmetics VIVANCE of BIO FACH in Nuremberg, Germany, warmly welcomed by international trade visitors and consumers.

Enrichment of the line

Τhe product range is completed with more products.

Environmentally friendly packaging

The product assortment is updated with key element the new, environmentally friendly glass containers and recyclable raw materials.

Face & Body line

The assortmemt of face and body is completed to cover all needs of the skin with the beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil.

NATRUE Certification

Certification by the German institute ECO CONTROL, according to the NATRUE standard, as 100% organic cosmetic products for face and body care

Repackaging of the brand

New packaging design inspired by the colors of the olive oil and the nature of Epidaurus gives a new fresh look that highlights the organic era of the products.

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