Two ingredients of life and beauty
in a unique range of organic cosmetics


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a valuable element for the heath of the skin. It lubricates the skin and keeps its antioxidant properties intact. It contains essential fatty acids, tocopherols and squalene, which are necessary for the nutrition and health of the skin.

The extra virgin olive oil from organic farming is a valuable resource for the health of skin and skin itself. Its uniqueness is due to its composition. It contains:
• Fatty acids, oleic, linoleic, alpha-linolenic and arachidonic, which protect the cell membrane from the loss of water through the cells and prevent the entry of toxins.They also reduce inflammation in the fatty skin typessignificantly. The use of good quality fats, such organıc extra virgin olive oils, lubricates the skin and keeps its antioxidant characteristics intact.
• Tocopherols, known for their antioxidant activity. They are key components of collagen and elastin, reduce the effect of UVG radiation on the skin and improve its texture.
• Squalene, sterols and carotenoids. Squalene is distributed throughout the human body, but has a maximum concentration in the skin, where it is one of the major components of lipids on the skin surface. Squalene protects human skin from lipid peroxidation due to various sources of ionizing radiation such as ultraviolet radiation.
• Carotenoids, which are effective interference factors that detect the oxidants produced and play an important protective role in the health of the skin.
• Naturally balanced quantities of active ingredients for the skin which are contained in extra virgin olive oil have a positive effect on the smooth functioning of the skin, participating in the processes of metabolism and nutrition, in the functioning of enzyme systems, while also being essential cell components.
As a result of all the above, the skin is invigorated, refreshed and regains its natural radiance and beauty.

Organic honey Extract

Benefits: Hydration, Soothing, Antioxidant

Honey extract is a substance produced by bees from the nectar of flowering plants. Composed primarily of the sugars fructose and glucose and consumed as food, honey also has benefits in skin care due to its amino acid, peptide, antioxidant, and natural antibacterial composition. Antioxidants found in honey include vitamins A, C, and E as well as flavonoid compounds triacetin, quercetin, and luteolin.

The primary research on honey and skin has to do with its multi-faceted role in soothing various concerns. Dark honeys have a stronger antioxidant effect than light honeys. Regular honey is also known as clarified honey or purified honey – this is the type most grocery stores sell.

Along with antioxidant and soothing properties, honey also works on skin’s surface by forming a barrier that helps reduce the buildup of harmful substances which can impede healing.

Is honey vegan? Technically, no. As it comes from bees, it is considered an animal (insect) byproduct. Although the starting point for honey is nectar from flowering plants, the bee itself makes the honey via digestive enzymes in its stomach and a regurgitation process that’s shared with other bees, followed by dehydration and storage in wax structures known as honeycombs.

The bees use honey as a food source in the wild; however, when bees are carefully and ethically farmed, the hive’s workers produce much more honey than the colony needs to thrive. The excess is used as sweetener by people and in various skin care products.


Orange Flower Extraction

The characteristic aroma of our products comes to seal the mentality of our company, the strict adherence to highlighting the local wealth of the region.

The light smell of the organic skin cosmetics ANASTASIA bio-care suggests the scent of the air that Epidaurus exudes, the citrus fruits of its land, the oranges

The aura of Epid-aurus is sweet and sour like orange blossom.

The naturally balanced amounts of active ingredients for the skin, contained by the
extra virgin olive oil and honey, 
have a positive effect on the proper functioning
of the skin, metabolism and nutrition and the function of enzyme systems, while they
are key components of cells. The skin is enforecd, rejuvenated,
regains its natural radiance and beauty.
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